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Fire protection services and fire safety inspections are handled through the Dunns Corners Fire Department.
Real estate professionals requiring tax account information for pending sales of property in Bradford may contact the Bradford Fire District Tax Collector by EMAIL. Please see the contacts page for more information.

In accordance with the Rhode Island Access to Public Records Act (RIGL 38-2-1 et seq), requests for public records and documents of the Bradford Fire District may be made by email to (with "Attention: Clerk" in the subject line) or by regular mail to:
  Bradford Fire District
  Attention: Clerk
  PO Box 115
  Bradford, RI 02808

No form is needed, but please make your request as specific as possible, and provide a return address to receive the requested information.  The designated Public Record Official of the Bradford Fire District is the District Clerk.
The District has 10 business days to response to a request for information, or to provide a written explanation of good cause for a further 20 days to respond to the request.
Paper copies of documents are subject to a 15-cent per page copy charge.
Requests that will require in excess of one hour to complete may be subject to a retrieval charge of $15.00 per hour.
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